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Ahmed Bukhatir Biography (About Ahmed Bukhatir)

Ahmed Bukhatir Biography (About Ahmed Bukhatir)
Ahmed Bukhatir Biography (About Ahmed Bukhatir) - Ahmed Bukhatir could be a name synonymous  these days with any lover of music, specially the ‘acapella’ type of singing. A singer, par excellence, with over ten million fans that span across five continents, actually Associate in Nursing performer UN agency proves that ‘music could be a universal language’. He has sung in three completely different languages at now, English, Arabic and French, He appearance forward to be able to get his message across in as several languages as potential, as he quotes, ‘we ought to be able to surpass the barrier of languages and communicate in no matter medium potential because the a lot of the globe appears to induce nearer, the a lot of way apart, we have a tendency to as persons square measure growing’. Ahmed Bukhatir hails from the United Arab Emirates and was born in 1975 to 1 of the most important business families. Ahmed Bukhatir has contend several various roles at a really young age; he presently is a legislator for the Sharjah government. once he was asked to serve, he dutifully stepped up to perform his civic duties.

 Ahmed’s songs are concerning, character, values, relationships, concerning however one ought to move attempting to be an honest soul and price no matter he or she has been given by God before it's detached. To cite a couple of samples of the messages in his songs, his song, ‘Ya Bunaya’, offers one a glance into the connection between a father and son, ‘Ummi’ offers one a glimpse into the connection of a mother and kid, he's one in every of the few artistes within the world that has highlighted however necessary the connection of a adult female and husband is in his song ‘Zawjati’, his song ‘last breath’ could be a reminder of however fragile and unpredictable life is.

 Ahmed Bukhatir is one among of} the few artistes whose every album has created waves upon its unharness. Be it his commercially self-made and critically acclaimed album, “Entasaf Al-Lail" that became the bestselling album in UAE and GCC countries or his “Al Quds Tunadeena”, “Fartaqi”, “Samtan”, were all major bestsellers. His album “Da’ni”, sold-out many thousands of copies across the world and encompassed English songs beside the Arabic. In 2007, he discharged his album "Hasanat" that flat-topped Virgin high ten Chart across the center East for seven weeks. His latest unharness, ‘Moments with Allah’, had once more verified to be an enormous success with the international audience and achieved another mile stone, for he was the primary singer from the GCC to sing a song in French known as ‘Pourquoi les hommes pleurent’, that has been a rage amongst the French audience.

An International performer within the true sense, he desires to use music as a platform to induce the message of peace across the world. he's presently additionally championing the reason behind kid hunger and desires to support the international organization, World Food Program, in bettering  the superb job they're already doing.
Ahmed Bukhatir Biography (About Ahmed Bukhatir)

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